Culminating Assessment Portfolio (CAP)

Each student is working on a Culminating Assessment Portfolio (CAP). Completion of a Portfolio is required for graduation from any high school in the Vancouver School District.

The Portfolio is designed as a powerful tool to help each student:

  • Set worthwhile goals and keep organized to work toward achieving them.
  • Grow to appreciate his/her unique personality traits, interests and abilities AND thoughtfully use that self-knowledge to develop an individualized career plan.
  • Develop academic and personal skills needed for success in higher education and jobs.
  • Assemble documents that will prove to employers and/or college admissions officers that he/she has the knowledge and skills they require.
  • Learn job acquisition skills.
  • Parents are encouraged to work with their student as he/she develops a Portfolio. Parents should ask questions, encourage the student to do his/her best work on all aspects of their Portfolio, talk often with the student about his/her goals and post-high school plans, and share occupational experiences and values of their own. Parents also are encouraged to review all items in their student's Portfolio to make certain they are error-free.

    The Portfolio is a student's collection of information about his/her personality, aptitudes, career interests and research, goals, achievements, academic skills attainment, grades, school attendance, certifications, and school and community activities. The Portfolio is intended for students to use during high school, as well as during their post-secondary education and career(s). Students will be able to use selected items from their portfolios for many different purposes during and after high school. These include applying for awards, scholarships, internships or college admission; compiling a resume; and preparing for a job interview.

    Each year during high school, each student presents the work he/she has accomplished on his/her Portfolio so far to parents/guardians during student-led conferences (grades 9-11) and to a panel composed of school personnel and/or community members (grade 12). For completing a Culminating Assessment Portfolio and a Culminating Assessment Project, each student will earn .5 miscellaneous credit.

    Culminating Assessment Portfolio components are predominately completed in the student's English and Social Studies classes with our Career Specialist and CAP coordinators support. However, teachers of all subjects also will encourage students to work on their Portfolios and will suggest examples of students' best work from their classes that could be put into Portfolios.