Preserving Network Resource Limits

The Vancouver School District shall maintain adequate file system and bandwidth capacity to conduct legitimate educational activities as well as district business. In order to protect the availability of this capacity:

1. Users shall not download or store music or video files on any district workstation or server that is not directly related to educational or other district business. Do not store games in your home directory.

2. Users shall not store any other data in their personal or shared folders that is not related to school business.

3. Users should archive or delete data from their personal or shared storage space that is not currently necessary or actively being utilized. Building administrators can assist Users in archiving their content to CD or DVD.

4. Users shall not send chain letters or send unnecessary messages to a large number of people ("spamming").

5. Users should check GroupWise e-mail frequently and delete unwanted messages promptly.

6. Users may subscribe only to discussion groups or mail lists that are relevant to his/her education or career development.