Vancouver Public Schools Tech Ethics Policy

also see Preserving Network Resource Limits

The VSD recently updated the policies and regulations concerning student use of
technology. You can follow the links on your computer desktop at school to read the complete rules.

In General: Computers are provided for your educational use! As such, any non-educational student use of the system is prohibited even if the activity doesn’t seem
inappropriate. The PC’s and network are a valuable resource for all district users,
and we need to insure they stay available for educational use.

As you know, the VPS has filters in place to block access to inappropriate content.
These filters also block non-educational sites, like web-based mail sites, shopping,
and game sites. It is your responsibility to limit your Internet use to school
related activities, regardless of the filters. You are responsible for your own

A summary of the regulations includes:
• Don’t access any website with inappropriate material whether it is blocked
or not. (If you happen upon an inappropriate site during normal browsing,
back out of it & report the event to your teacher/admin)
• Don’t access any “proxy” or other sites to bypass Internet filters even if
you feel the content “shouldn’t” be blocked! (Tell your teacher about
legitimate sites being blocked and we may be able to un-block them)
• Don’t log in to a computer with anyone’s account but your own, or give your
account info to another person. (If you have already shared your password,
change it the next time you log in!)
• Don’t download or store multimedia (music, video, etc) that is not directly
related to an assignment.
• Don’t download, run, or attempt to install any software on district
• Don’t attach personal or non district owned equipment to the VSD network.
• Don’t attempt to turn off or otherwise disable security or virus prevention

What’s at Stake!!!
The VPS has a discipline policy for technology violations, which you
can also find with a link on your desktop. In the case of an infraction, you will lose
all access to the school’s computers for a specified time period (below). All
assignments are still due on-time whether they require computer use or not. If
your actions mean that you lose credit on an assignment that is your
responsibility! This applies to any infraction of the complete technology
regulation, so take the time to read it. Parent notification will occur for all incidents!

Discipline Guide:
1st Infraction: Loss of all computer use for ONE WEEK
2nd Infraction: Loss of all computer use for ONE MONTH
3rd Infraction: Loss of all computer use for the rest of the YEAR
Note: This is the minimum penalty for technology regulation violations. More
serious punishments may result based on the situation!
Again… District technology is provided as a tool for your education. Stay
focused on your education, and everything will be cool!

*** A more detailed version of the Tech Ethics regulations can be found in the
Shared folder, on student computer desktops, and on the VPS web site. ***