Bay's Tutorial Student Intervention Program

Hudson's Bay continues to use our Tutorial Student Intervention System during the 2014-15 school year. Students will be rewarded with a longer lunch period if they have a 2.5 GPA or higher and no "F's." If a student does not meet this requirement, they will be required to be in a focused Tutorial intervention class in order to give them the skills to reach these two benchmarks. All 9th graders will be in Tutorial for the first 10 weeks of the school year, regardless of their grades.

Why Tutorial?

The Tutorial Program
• Reduce the student failure rate.
• Increase the on-time graduation rate.
• Create a system-wide response to student failure.
• Create a culture where students and staff respond to data.

What it is not:
• Punitive
• Study hall (Breakfast Club)
• Optional

What it could be:
• Test or quiz make up
• Enrichment for advanced students
• A quiet place to study
• Remediation
• 100 minutes a week of building relationships with disconnected students.
• An extrinsic motivation for students to have academic success.
• An opportunity for counselors and staff assistants to work with students.
• A reward for students who are doing well in school.

The results that a neighboring high school experienced with Tutorial:
• # of Sections Failed went from 1814 to 1572 (242 sections)
• Increase in student awareness of grades and progress.
• Teacher grades more regularly updated
• Top 10% GPA increased.
• Reduction in student suspensions