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ACES is a full-day magnet program for high school students. This challenging program prepares students with the skills in planning, designing, building and operating within architecture, construction, engineering and environmental functions and services. The skills gained from the ACES program will allow students to enter the workforce directly or to continue their experience in a technical school, community college or four-year university. ACES courses emphasize problem-solving skills and design. Individual and group research and projects allow students to experience many learning opportunities.

ACES students gain the knowledge and skills for careers in a wide range of design-related fields:

• Architecture
• Industrial design
• Interior design (environmental/sustainable design)
• Horticulture
• Agriculture production
• Engineering (environmental/pollution control, sustainable energy)
• Environmental science
• Natural resources

Transportation is provided for students who live within Vancouver Public Schools’ boundaries.

Recommended courses

Environmental sciences



Some ACES courses offer certification and/or dual credit.

Related courses

Certificate of completion

Students in natural resource program tend plantsStudents in the ACES program work outside the schoolACES students study mycology

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Amy Carpenter
Career & Technical Education Natural Resources
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Lorilee Huerena
Career Guidance Specialist
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Steve Lorenz
Career and Technical Ed/Horticulture
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Aaron Pierce
Spanish/Intro to Building Trades, AP Spanish Language & Culture
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Eric Saueracker
Physics/Engineering Design, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2