Xello is a VPS tool used to help middle and high school students complete their High School & Beyond Plans. Students explore career and college options by building self-knowledge (through age appropriate assessments and skills preferences) and researching careers and colleges at an easy glance (with deeper dives a click away).  For high school seniors, scholarships and the common application are also available.

This is a ONE-STOP shop for parents and students to start planning for what’s next.  Students can also share their profile with their parents:

  1. Student signs into Xello (through Classlink or Xello) using their VPS ID number and 8-digit DOB
  2. Click the avatar in top-right corner
  3. Click Share your Profile
  4. Click the blue Share button that appears in the upper right-hand corner
  5. Turn on the Share button
  6. Copy the link, paste it into an email and send it to guardian’s email address (or whoever you want to share the profile with)

Students can search careers, colleges, majors, annual salaries desired, locations and so much more!  There are lessons to complete and assessments that will match students according to their interests and personality styles.  Xello informs students why the matches were made and students can make changes that better align with their interests.

Students can also investigate many options for life after high school on FutureMe.  It’s never to early to begin!

  • Employ (get started on your career, check out apprenticeships and VPS career pathways)
  • Enlist (join the service)
  • Enroll (in college or trade school)