• Photo of roof repairs at Gaiser Middle School
  • Photo of track improvements at Skyview High School

Bond-funded work during summer 2017 included projects at Skyview High School and Gaiser Middle School. First photo: Workers level the surface for the new synthetic track at Skyview. Second photo: A crew replaces the roof over a classroom pod at Gaiser.

Class-size reductions and more

Kindergarten through third-grade class-size reductions also are in progress, thanks to the voter-approved bond measure and a $43 million grant from the state of Washington. Over the next three years, new spaces will be added at several schools.

  • Fruit Valley Community Learning Center: six classrooms
  • Felida Elementary: four classrooms
  • Harney Elementary: four classrooms
  • Eisenhower Elementary: two classrooms
  • Salmon Creek Elementary: two classrooms

The new classrooms are projected to replace all of the existing portable classrooms at these schools. The work will be performed with as little disruption as possible to normal school activities.

Additional class size reductions will be incorporated into Ogden, Marshall, Truman, King, Sacajawea, Franklin and Walnut Grove elementary schools, all slated to be rebuilt over the next five years, and into two brand-new elementary schools that will be built in the downtown Vancouver area and at NE 25th Avenue and 88th Street.

In addition to class-size reductions, bond projects in the near future will include:

  • Lake Shore Elementary playground enhancements to make it more accessible
  • Improvements to the acoustics at Hough Elementary and Jason Lee Middle School
  • Roof upgrades at Fort Vancouver and Skyview high schools
  • Turf field installation at Columbia River, Fort Vancouver, Skyview and Hudson’s Bay high schools, as well as at Propstra Stadium
  • A space at Vancouver Flex Academy for students to experience hands-on, project-based learning

Many additional projects also are in progress. Wondering about a school not mentioned here? Sign up for updates via our Inside VPS e-newsletter.