Three students from Gaiser Middle School pose with their instruments.

Jesse W. Meyer III (String Bass), Lily Cole (Viola), and Alan Diaz (String Bass) were selected for the WMEA Junior All-State Orchestra.

Congratulations to the students who were selected to participate in the Washington Music Educators Association’s All-State Honor Groups!

This is the first time students from Gaiser Middle School (pictured above) were selected – well done Jesse, Lily, and Alan!

Join us in celebrating all the students who were selected:

WMEA All-State Wind Symphony
Mckelvey Brewer (VSAA), Trumpet
Heidi Williams (VSAA), Trumpet
Luke Brockman – Teacher

WMEA Junior All-State Orchestra
Furious Hill, String Bass (Jason Lee)
Lily Cole, Viola (Gaiser)
Alan Diaz, String Bass (Gaiser)
Jesse W. Meyer III, String Bass (Gaiser)
Ann Medellin – Teacher

WMEA High School All-State Orchestra
Taima Hang, Symphony Orchestra – Viola (VSAA)
Lindsey Hargunani, Philharmonic Strings – Violin (VSAA)
Kody Hartley, Philharmonic Strings – Viola (VSAA)
Henry Laurenza, Symphony Orchestra-String Bass (VSAA)
Salena Walker – Teacher

WMEA High School All-State Choir
Lucas Clark, Tenor 1 (Fort Vancouver)
Penelope Kaye, Alto 2 (Success Academy/Fort Vancouver)
Xxalyn Ackley, Treble Choir (Skyview)
Maggie Cole, Treble Choir (Skyview)
Loki Saldivar, Treble Choir (Skyview)
Levi Dillon, Symphonic Choir (Skyview)
Benjamin Bouton – Teacher
Philip Denton – Teacher

WMEA High School All-State Band
Jacob Henry Haarberg (Columbia River)
Dave Keckes-Chartrey – Teacher