Calling all AP Students!

October is a great month to make sure that you’ve enrolled in all of your AP class sections online!

If you’re in an AP class, your teacher has asked you to enroll online in that AP section for the class. This process is very important to complete because it’s how we know to order an AP test for you in May. 

Students should enroll in the online section for each AP class they are taking. 

How do I make sure that I am enrolled in my AP class sections online? 

  1.  Log in to your AP account here 
  2.  Look at the list of your AP courses
    1. If you see all of your AP classes listed, great! You’re ready to go 
    2. If you don’t see all of your AP classes, enroll in them ASAP

Not sure how to enroll in your AP classes online?

  • Contact your AP teacher for additional information, like join codes! 
  • Click here for a useful video about enrolling online. 
  • Click here for a helpful handout about enrolling online. 

Remember: you can’t take an AP test in May without enrolling in your AP course section online, so make sure you’re enrolled online today!