Design CoMission is a semester-long design internship at LSW Architects in downtown Vancouver. Interns work collaboratively, exploring their passions through design in a safe, no-experience-required setting. Students must be 16+ to participate. VPS students can earn high school and college credit at Clark College (if you earn a “B” or better) for FREE!

LSW’s internship goal is for each student to gain clarity in their own unique abilities, gain new skills, and discover pathways to a fulfilling and passionate career.

COVID-19: To ensure the health and safety of interns and staff, LSW Architects is exploring options for both virtual and in-person opportunities within the Washington state and CDC public health guideline.

Apply here:

Applications Due: Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Interviews: September 16 – September 24, 2021 (be sure your voicemail is set up on cell phone AND that you check it)

Program Runs: September 27 to January 19, 2022 | Monday & Fridays from 4-6PM