Earn College Credit While In High School? Yes!  VPS offers several programs where students can begin earning college credit while in high school.  One of these programs is CTE Dual Credit.  Clark College will be having an online informational session specifically for VPS students on May 24th!
CTE Dual Credit allows high school students to earn college credit in their high school career and technical education (CTE) classes without leaving their high school campus. Tuition is free and so is registration at most colleges. Some courses require earning a “B” or better in the course or require additional evidence.  Each teacher will notify students of the criteria to earn dual credit and Career Specialists at each high school will help students enroll.  VPS has a Dual Credit agreement with Clark College and they are offering sessions for parents and students so they can learn more!

CTE Dual Credit Information Sessions
Description: Learn more about how your CTE Dual Credit class launches you toward degree completion and careers. Hear from Clark College professors and staff about programs and important college information such as upcoming orientation and events and Running Start. Contact Ellie Philips (ephillips@clark.edu) with questions.

Clark College CTE Dual Credit Information Session: Vancouver SD
Date: Tuesday, May 24 at 6pm
Location: Zoom Meeting ID 847 5721 8632
Register: https://bit.ly/3Mp5GiC

For more information on college enrollment, military opportunities, scholarships, and employment, check out FutureMe.vansd.org and students should login to Xello. Xello is Vancouver Public Schools’ College & Career Readiness platform and students can login directly through ClassLink.