Sep 2020

Requesting Transcripts for Colleges & Universities

2020-09-21T12:37:02-07:00September 9th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage|

As seniors start their final high school year, planning for college or university involves several steps to complete application process. To better serve students during remote learning, transcripts will be requested through Xello for all colleges and universities. Students can make the request through Xello by following the directions found here.  The request will be processed at [...]

Aug 2020

$1,500 Annual Video Contest Scholarship

2020-09-11T13:18:46-07:00August 28th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

Each year IvyPanda awards two creative and talented students in movie-making with scholarships: the winner receives a $1,000 scholarship; the runner-up prize is $500.  Apply here. Submission requirements Record an original video on one of the following topics: Money-Managing Tips for Students Socializing in College: Your Advice How to Enhance Your Studying With the Use [...]

Aug 2020

Annual Prevounce Preventive Health Scholarship Program

2020-09-08T11:42:19-07:00August 28th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

Calling all future medical providers! Write an essay (no more than 750 words) about why you are planning to pursue a career in healthcare and how you hope to play a role in preventing illness. This scholarship will provide a $1,500 award to one applicant who is pursuing a career in healthcare. No GPA requirements. [...]

Aug 2020

Human Resources Scholarship

2020-09-02T10:25:42-07:00August 25th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

Calling all future Human Resource professionals, this scholarship is for you! Submit an essay explaining, presenting, inspiring, or otherwise convincing users about your great idea for an onboarding program for new employees of a business, showing how it would improve their experience.  What's "onboarding" you ask? It's the process that new employees go through to [...]

Aug 2020

Architecture Internships Are Going Virtual

2020-08-31T09:47:39-07:00August 17th, 2020|Career Center News, employ, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Gain experience|

Design CoMission is a semester-long design internship NOW ONLINE from LSW Architects in downtown Vancouver.  Interns work collaboratively, exploring their passions through design in a safe, no-experience-required setting. The goal is for each student who completes the program to gain clarity in their own unique abilities, gain new skills, and discover pathways to a fulfilling [...]

Aug 2020

$$ A Clearer Path to College for All Students $$

2020-08-24T11:48:30-07:00August 13th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

Introducing the College Board Opportunity Scholarships Applying to college is a complicated process, so College Board has created a program that guides you through it. This scholarship program is open to all students and it doesn't require an essay, application, or minimum GPA. Instead, it rewards your effort and initiative. Complete key steps along your [...]

Aug 2020

National College Scholarships – Up to $40,000 for 4 years (over 100 awarded)

2020-08-24T11:44:55-07:00August 13th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

The College Scholarship Program awards up to $40,000 per year for four years of undergraduate study to complete their bachelor’s degree. The application is available exclusively via the Common App’s online platform, which provides a familiar and streamlined experience for students. To be eligible for the Cooke College Scholarship Program, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements. [...]

Aug 2020

1,020 Scholarships for up to $2,500 each – Career & Technical Education (CTE)

2020-08-17T09:10:09-07:00August 11th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

The 2020 Horatio Alger Career & Technical Education (CTE) application is open for round 2 of application. Deadline is August 15, 2020 (9PM PST). 1,020 scholarships will be awarded for up to $2,500 each. Eligibility Criteria: Have completed high school (or earned a high school equivalency credential) Will be enrolled in eligible program in Fall [...]

Aug 2020

Future Lawyer Scholarship

2020-08-14T08:37:05-07:00August 7th, 2020|Career Center News, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

It's the First Annual Future Lawyer Scholarship Award sponsored by McGilberry & Shirer LLP. ESSAY PROMPT: Please write 750-1,000 words on this topic: How has the power of the president of the United States changed over the last 100 years, and has this change been good or bad? ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the scholarship [...]

Jul 2020

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

2020-08-06T12:12:14-07:00July 27th, 2020|Career Center News, enroll, Future Me Homepage, Scholarships|

Looking for scholarships that help you apply to college(s)? The College Board Opportunity Scholarship rewards effort and initiative by awarding scholarships along the way... What's NOT required you ask? No essay No GPA requirements What IS required? Open to the Class of 2021 - complete these key steps along your path to college for a [...]

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