Join us at the Military Career Fair to hear from military representatives on how you can have a viable career in the military as well as attend college while fully enlisted or in the reserves.  Students and parents interested in knowing more about a career in the military should attend this outdoor event.

  • Date: Saturday, November 6, 2021
  • Time: 10AM to noon
  • Location: Football field at Hudson’s Bay H.S., 1601 E. McLoughlin Blvd., Vancouver, WA

Did you know that every high school in Vancouver Public School offers the ASVAB and taking it can meet a graduation requirement in WA state?  The ASVAB is an aptitude test that estimates your performance in academic and vocational endeavors.  The ASVAB helps you figure out what you are good at, what is important to you, and the jobs that match your skills and interests (both in an out of the military).  The student must sign up by emailing the Career Specialist on the testing dates calendar.

VPS’s vision for Career and College Readiness is that all students are Enrolled, Enlisted, or Employed upon graduation!

VPS students should check Xello for information on college enrollment, military opportunities, scholarships, and employment.  Login through ClassLink or go directly to

  • Username is “VPS-123456“ which will be the letters “VPS” dash “VPS-“ 6-digit student ID (numbers in your VPS student email address).
  • Password is your 8-digit birthdate (MO-DA-YEAR).  So if your birthday is July 9, 2005, your password would be: 07092005

It is recommended that you change your password after your first sign on!  Parents can also be added to a student’s Xello account.  As always, keep checking for different opportunities!