The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, which oversees K-12 public education in the state, wants your input on Computer Science Learning Standards.

Take the survey by Feb. 15!

Why now?

The current state Computer Science Learning Standards, based on national standards, were adopted in December 2016. When Washington state adopted them, the plan was also to adopt future changes to the national standards. Recently, the national standards were revised by the Computer Science Teachers Association. Now it is time for Washington state to review those changes and provide input before it adopts them. Washington is committed to implementing high-quality computer science instruction.

How are the new standards different?

The new standards improve coherence, alignment and readability.

Who can take the survey?

Anyone, including teachers, administrators, students and parents.

How will my feedback be used?

No individual responses from the survey will be reported. The data gathered will be used to revise the standards and grade-level outcomes, if needed, and to guide implementation of the standards.

This survey is not administered by Vancouver Public Schools.