More than 30 high schoolers, many from VPS schools, were nominated by their teachers for recognition by the local affiliate of the American Association of University Women. The honorees were selected based on their performance and promise in the fields of science, math and technology and were given their awards at a ceremony on April 23. Congratulations to the following:

Math honorees

  • Laura Ahner, Skyview High School
  • Julie Fergus, Columbia River High School
  • Selena Pol, Hudson’s Bay High School
  • Alexa Roemer, Vancouver iTech Preparatory
  • Lakeesha Upham, Fort Vancouver High School
  • Makena Wilcox, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

Science honorees

  • Charlotta Abernathy, Skyview High School
  • Kezyah D.C. Mantanona, Fort Vancouver High School
  • Sydney Fox-Middleton, Vancouver iTech Preparatory
  • Zoe Hernon, Hudson’s Bay High School
  • Daria Kakorin, Columbia River High School
  • Aubrey Porter, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics

Technology honorees

  • Madison Ball, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics
  • Sara Blackwell, Columbia River High School
  • Katie Caulfield, Vancouver iTech Preparatory
  • Clarissa Dougherty, Skyview High School
  • Jailene Juarez-Palacios, Hudson’s Bay High School
  • Olga Stefanyuk, Fort Vancouver High School

Photos courtesy of Susan Granat.

Lakeesha Upham, from Fort Vancouver High School, was honored for her achievements in math.