Construction is the country’s largest industry and our local market is booming.  There is a shortage of local workers in the skilled trades. Check out local wages, top occupations in construction and learn more about these high demand job opportunities at

Hudson’s Bay High School’s BayACES (Architecture-Construction-Environmental Services) magnet program is designed to help students with skills in planning, designing, building, and operations.  Students at Bay may also enroll in the Building Trades courses. Students will gain proficiency in:

  • Safety
  • Measurement and inspection
  • Blueprint reading and schematics
  • Basic electrical wiring
  • Basic plumbing installation and repair

Students completing all three years of Building Trades courses will be granted preferred status by Pacific Northwest Carpenter’s Institute (PNCI) upon successful completion of an application and interview with PNCI’s Carpentry or Exterior/Interior Apprenticeship program.