Washington State University campus in the evening.Students at Hudson Bay High School may be eligible for a new program that provides valuable college preparation and mentoring. Cougs Rise is offered by Washington State University as a boost for low-income and students who would be first-generation college students.

High school seniors who join Cougs Rise take part in programming proven to help students reach their higher education goals. Mentors at WSU from Hudson Bay High School will provide perspective and advice for students of similar backgrounds, and on-campus programming will prepare high school students for what they can expect on a college campus.

Cougs Rise students who enroll at WSU may participate in a summer bridge program that will help them build a network of resources, develop a sense of belonging, engage in academic coursework, and take part in other high-impact practices that support long-term college success.

“Cougs Rise represents a unique opportunity to provide critical information to students who might be questioning whether or not college is attainable,” says program director Ray Acuña-Luna. “Providing resources to some of the most underserved student populations in the state is at the forefront of our land-grant mission.”

Cougs Rise is funded by grants from the U.S. Department of Education. For more info and how to enroll, check out cougsrise.wsu.edu